Wealth Accumulation


Wealth accumulation is the deliberate and disciplined process of accumulating assets to achieve certain meaningful goals.


Personal & Family

  • Replace income of high-earning family member in the event of death

  • Create certainty and stability in asset portfolio
  • Provide wealth protection and hedge against market volatility
  • Ensure sustainable flow of funds to support longevity
  • Designed to create legacy plan for family to ensure wealth lasts for multiple generations
  • Provide family wealth protection for dependents, spouse and children
  • Protect against political, social or economic instability in specific countries
  • Mitigate impact of nationalization, currency exchange controls, inflation and / or government default


  • Protect against creditors from outstanding loans
  • Repay personally guaranteed corporate debt
  • Offer contingency options and mitigate impact of disability or death of key persons

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